Paneer (Cheese) Kofta Recipe | Recipes


  1. Cauliflower -------------------------1/2 Kg
  2. Bread ---------------------------------4 Slices
  3. Grated Cheese --------------------60 G
  4. Garam Masala-------------------- 1 Pinch
  5. Green Chilies----------------------3 To 4 – Chopped
  6. Lemon Juice -----------------------1 Table Spoon
  7. Ginger Paste------------------------1 Table Spoon
  8. Salt ------------------------------------To Taste
  9. Oil/Ghee ------------------------------Accordingly
  10. Chopped Coriander Leaves ---10-12

      Gravy Ingredients:

  1. Tomato Paste -------------1 Cup  
  2. Large Onions-------------- Grated 2
  3. Garlic ------------------------- 6 Cloves  
  4. Cumin Seed Powder -----1 Tea Spoon
  5. Ginger ------------------------A small Piece Chopped
  6. Coriander Powder----------1 Tea spoon 
  7. Turmeric Power -----------1/2 Tea spoon  
  8. Chili Powder ---------------1 Tea spoon  
  9. Salt ---------------------------To Taste

       Preparation Method:

  • Soak the bred in water and squeeze the water out.
  • Now after chopping the cauliflower boil it in 1/2 cup water till it is soft and the water is dried.
  • Mash the cauliflower and add bread soaked, green chillies, garam masala, cheese, lemon juice, ginger, and salt.
  • Mix the ingredients well till blend.
  • Make small round balls.
  • Put some oil in a frying pan and heat it.
  • Now fry the balls in the oil till golden brown.
  • Now fry the chopped onions in oil till light brown.
  • Add the powdered masala and ginger and garlic paste.
  • Fry for 6-7 minutes and add the tomato paste and cook till the oil separates.
  • Add some water and cook till the gravy is thick.
  • Now add the small kofta balls and cook on light flame.
  • Check it till it is cooked.
  • Tasty Paneer (cheese) Kofta is ready.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves and enjoy.